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We have a four steps system; once you have mastered it then it will lead you to a proven path of success. Our proven system already has transformed memory of 5000 kids/people.
Now those kids/people can remember things which seem impossible to learn and has enhanced the goodness factor of their living.
We believe in helping people to reach their optimal potential. Our vision is to help others in uncovering the potential of the brain through proper memory techniques.
We offer guidance with a positive and powerful approach that helps you to gain success in life.
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Memorizing everything is easy if you have proper guidance from Shilpa Yadav.

How to memorize everything

Workshop specially designed for students to teach them how to enjoy study, remember 10 X faster and retain for longer.

Subconscious mind reprogramming

Boost your confident, remove old painful memories and reprint your subconscious mind.

Quick Math

learn the faster ways to perform
math calculation using Vedic Math

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Who we are

We have transformed learning pattern of over 5000 students with our proven memory system. We helped students, corporate and home makers to transform their learning and recall patterns.

We also helped kids from economic weaker sessions and we provided free sessions to them to transform their memory. Our mission is to make learning easy for everyone.

What We Do!

Free Seminars

o Human brain potential and memory formation

o Myth and Facts about Memory

o Memory technique –Visualization with exercise

o Memory technique – Association with exercise

o Remove past painful memories exercise

o Confidence booster exercise

o Multiplication table

o Number and Calendar magic


o Human brain potential and memory formation

o Memory technique – Visualization and Association with demonstration

o Memorize Dictionary and Spelling

o Memorize Chemical Formula

o Memorize Periodic table

o Remember Uses of Elements and Cycles

o Remember Name and Faces

o Learn General Knowledge

o Memorize History events and personal events Date

o Memorize Presentation and Speech

o Remember Appointments and Meetings

o Remember List of Items, To do list

o Multiplication table of 1 To 99

o Fastest way of subtraction, multiplication and Division

o Square root, Cube Root

o 500 years Calendar

o Confidence Booster

o Quick Math tricks



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